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Thursday Barks & Bytes & Thoughtless Thursday–Ruffwear Review Part 2 & Pet Natu

Good Thursday, everyone!  The weekend is fast approaching and my goodness have we been busy this week!  We are wrapping up our Ruffwear reviews as well as a review for Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Spray.  I’ve had to break them up (sorry!) into several different posts as there was simply too much information and well, as a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids and several dogs, my life is hectic and pretty much theirs.  I am hoping at some point in the future to make writing and hiking a full-time job, but until I figure that out, I try to get the posts out as best I can.

You may remember me posting about hiking the Flagler Trail last weekend.  The first day I went I took my daughter.  My husband was off the next day so I left earlier (without any children) and headed back with different dogs.  This time I took Cairo and Sassy.  It was a much more enjoyable hike and we also tried out the Corso Cam.  What the heck is a Corso Cam, you ask?  Well, it’s a camera fastened to a Corso, that’s what it is!  I broke out the GoPro Hero 3 and have been practicing with it as I will be taking it on our hikes and need to familiarize myself with it.  I’ve also received some requests to mount a camera on Cairo to film her–ahem–“activities” since she is such a troublemaker, so these little nuggets will be available on our YouTube channel as well, under the title “Cairo Cam.”  Fun times a-comin’, folks!  Fun times!

Cairo Cam!

I brought the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vests and both girls wore one.  I will say that I noticed a marked difference in their panting with the vests.  I brought extra water with which to “reactivate” them, and normally without the vests I will see a whole lot of heavy panting and lots of extra slobber (especially with Sassy) but I didn’t observe that this time.  The trail was shaded with trees most of the way, but it was still hot.

I decided to wait and try the Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots in Ocala, which will have the closest thing to rockier terrain (there are mountain bike trails there with some pretty good rocky outcroppings and gravel) that we’re going to find here:

Santos bike trail, Ocala, FL. Photo copyright unknown

All-in-all I’ve been very pleased with the cool vests.  I would even use them for a walk around the block.  It’s stupid-hot here some days, so I know we are going to get plenty of use out of these.  They were super easy to put on and adjust, and well made.  I need to order one for our little dog, too, as she is a hairless breed and sometimes gets hot fairly rapidly.  These are a winner.  They will become standard hiking equipment in warmer weather.

I also had an opportunity to use the Pet Naturals Flea And Tick Repellent Spray that the kind folks at Pet Naturals asked me to review for them.  I was excited to try it out since it is a natural product and nobody likes loading their dogs down with a bunch of synthetic chemicals.

From the Pet Naturals website:

Flea + Tick Repellent Spray by Pet Naturals® is designed as a spray for ultimate convenience and safety. Flea + Tick includes lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and Castor oils to provide a pleasant and refreshing smell with clean, non-sticky active ingredients. The combination of Brazilian oils from certified forests act as a natural shield from unwanted pests. The oils have been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Amazon forest to keep pests from detecting the scent from their skin.Flea + Tick Repellent Spray does not contain any drugs or synthetic chemicals, and it is safe for use on all pets, bedding, and applications to collars. This natural flea and tick repellent has no known toxic effects from licking the skin.

I’ve now tried it on 3 separate occasions (on 3 separate trails).   I sprayed the dogs’ legs and underbellies and for good measure even sprayed my own pants, shoes and socks.  The first trail we tried was one that was pretty infested this summer.  I hadn’t seen a flea or tick on my dogs for years, yet we came home with some of each from this trail this particular day.  As a regular part of our after-hiking routine, we go over not only the dogs but ourselves and the van for any fleas, ticks, etc.  I found a baby tick on my arm, one on each of the kids (upper body) but observed none on the dogs.  I did, however, observe several fleas on the dogs after this hike and even had to make a special trip to the vet as the dogs immediately had a reaction.    My guess is that the ticks were up higher and we acquired them when we brushed into something on which they were hanging.  Even though the dogs were current on their flea preventative, the area was just infested.  Needless to say I am steering clear of this trail for a while until it gets colder.

Photo copyright petnaturals.com.

The second time I used it I made sure to apply a bit more, and we observed no creepy crawlies on our after-hike inspection.   I got the same results after the 2 hikes we did at Flagler Trail this past weekend.  I felt that the product worked well.  It smells pleasant, also, due to the lemongrass and cinnamon oils it contains, so you don’t have an unpleasant chemical-type smell happening.   I relied on this product in conjunction with the Seresto collar when our newest pup Siren went out on her first hike.  She is currently not on any flea or tick prevention so I paid particularly close attention to her afterward.  I didn’t see any fleas or ticks after our hike.  In this instance I cannot say whether or not it was the combination of products or the use of one or the other than kept them off baby Siren, but either way I’m happy.

I feel the product performed well enough that I will be carrying it along on hikes as well as keeping some to spray bedding in both the house and vehicles.

Click on the links below to be taken to these 2 awesome blog hops!

Note:  I was not compensated in any way for these product reviews.  I purchased the Ruffwear gear and Seresto collar myself.  The Pet Naturals products were sent to me for review.

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