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Tongue Tuesday–Big Changes Are Afoot

It was a busy weekend for the pups.  They woke up for the first time in their lives on Sunday and they were not all together.  Two pups left on Saturday to begin their new lives, so Parvati and Chewy are now the only little ones here.  They aren’t so little anymore!  Sporting new ear crops and now too big to be in their whelping box,  I removed it and left their weaning pen, reducing the amount of pine shavings a bit since we will begin working on going outside to potty.   Frankly I’m shocked that they stayed in that box as long as they did.  They were all really good babies.  I enjoyed them immensely.

Now the fun stuff begins!  They get to go out into the big world and learn how to behave in it.  It’s one of my most favorite parts of raising dogs; taking them out and socializing them, watching them learn about the world around them.  The few times they’ve been in the van I’ve not noticed any car sickness, so that’s a plus.   This past weekend they also ate from separate dishes for the first time.   They will soon be moved into their own crates and learn to sleep on their own and to be ok with being by themselves.  It is a stressful time for them but it is also a very exciting time.  They are learning how to be dogs and how the rules of the house apply to them.  They will be expected to potty outside, not to cry and whine excessively while crated, not to jump up on people, not to get into the trash, which toys are for them and that furniture, shoes and kid toys are not for them.  They will be learning a lot of things that they are not allowed to do, so we must counteract those things with what they are allowed to do.  We want their lives to be as balanced as possible.  It’s a lot of work, but it is so very rewarding.

It was sad to see the other pups go, but their new families are enjoying them and they are also busy learning about their new environments and how to behave in them.  Having foster dogs come and go through the years prepared the kids for the pups’ eventual departure, but it’s still a little sad that the little creatures you raised from birth are absent.  The kids were more involved in this litter than they ever had been before, and I was so proud that they wanted to help with their care.  The 5 year old even volunteered to pick up poo and clean the pups up after messy mealtimes.  They were instrumental in puppy handling, which is very important.  Young pups need to be handled a lot, and kid proofing is so valuable.

Before I forget, here are our Tongue Tuesday photos.  First up is Chewy, second Parvati:

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