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Tongue Tuesday & Stubborn Dogs

I am happy to announce that I have kept up with my exercise routine for myself as well as the dogs every day.  Today I attempted a late morning walk but both Rama and Cairo were acting like such turds I turned around after 15 minutes.  Cairo normally doesn’t pull, but today she was in a mood.  On the way back to the house I slid my water bottle down the lead so that it was touching Rama’s shoulder.  That slowed her down almost immediately.  If she sped up, all I had to do was swing it into her a bit and it was if I was there putting a hand on her.  Miracle of miracles.  A damned water bottle.

I think it’s time both of them wear head collars.  Cairo has never worn one so there will be much protesting, I’m sure.  Rama has always HATED them and even after wearing one many times over the course of her life she will still fight it.  But there is no doubt that she is more controllable with one vs without one.  A prong collar just isn’t effective for her anymore.  So fight away dogs.  We’ll just look stupid as hell trying to walk down the street!

What is a head collar, you ask?  Well, it works in much the same way that a bridle works on a horse.

Photo by The Company of Animals.

I took Rama out for a run with the scooter since she wanted to book it so fast.  We’ll do a longer walk later or tomorrow.  My house is still in shambles after the holidays and vacation and today is also the first day back to school after the winter break.  I feel like I will never catch up and my house will never look like I want it to look.  There just aren’t enough hours in a day.  It doesn’t matter how many times you tell kids not to leave shit lying around, they’re still going to do it.  It doesn’t matter how many times you pick it up; it will be right back there 15 minutes after you last picked it up.  And that pile of laundry that has been on the couch for a week?  Yeah, it’s a different pile every few days.  Gah!  Enough housework talk!

Here is our Tongue Tuesday contribution for this week:

We hope everyone has a great day!

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