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Toughen Up Tuesday

Last night I began work on one of the healthy recipes I plan on sharing via our new A Corso In The Kitchen page when about half way through I had some technical difficulties and had to abandon it until today.  Ugh.  Last night was a bit rough.  I’m a few weeks out from discontinuing Cymbalta and I’m just not sure where I’m at.  While I do notice an improvement in the fatigue, it’s still there.  I just don’t feel drugged like I did before, but the muscle aches and pains are pretty sucky.  Trying to keep focused and keep moving forward.  It’s the only thing you can do, really; keep moving.

So today I put my FitBit back on and joined Leap4Life, a site that allows you to set fitness goals, track your progress, compete in challenges and earn rewards (including cash) for your hard work.  Some folks on the Fitbit Facebook page told me about it, so I joined.  I also synced my Fitbit with my Walgreens Rewards card.  Might as well earn rewards points, too, right?  I would love to hear from some of you who might be taking advantage of both of these programs (both free) and how they have motivated you.

In order to be as productive as I need to be, everything must be scheduled.  It just has to be.  If it’s not, then I end up forgetting things or starting one thing before I have finished my first thing.  Then I have all of the things and none of them are done at the end of the day.  Too many undone things!  The 24me app has been a real help, and if I don’t get to activities I have scheduled, it reminds me that I’ve missed them and need to get them done.  I still think I need to streamline my life even more so that I can have realistic goals for myself with regard to the house, my familial obligations and my own personal well-being.  I fantasize often about living in one of those Ikea-clean (modern, streamlined, minimalist) homes, with just enough furniture and everything is so neat and orderly.  As I type this, my living room is buried under 2 loads of laundry, a load my daughter insisted on “helping” to fold lies strewn all over the hall, her artwork, color pencils and some kind of ripped up paper is on the floor, and let’s just not talk about the table in between the sofas.  It’s actually a connecting piece for the sectional, and I’d gotten rid of the thing by hiding it in another room for a few years because I hated the way everyone just left their shit all over it.  It just collects crap all day long.  But my family missed it, the husband loves it, and it brings the two parts the sectional together so…it’s back.  ((insert grimace here))  It’s also covered in clutter.

The dream.


A lie. A big, fat lie.

With kids as well as large, slobbery dogs in the house, I just cannot have expectations of ever having anything clean, unbroken or intact.  I recently re-did my front room (you may remember my excitement regarding reclaiming that room) and added some lovely chairs, an ottoman and a few other simple things there.  Let’s just say the cream-colored chair and ottoman set didn’t stay stain-free for long.   Walking past it one day, I noticed a large pink stain on the ottoman.  PINK.  And there sat my daughter in the other room with a juice box.  Upon further inspection there was another red spot on the chair itself.  Not long after that, a puppy that my son had tried his best to keep in the tub went racing past me and leapt onto the ottoman.  Of course I hadn’t vacuumed yet that day, so he’d attracted just enough dirt on his feet just prior to hitting that cream-colored ottoman that it now had other stains.  Grayish stains.

I just walked away.  If I didn’t, I would have literally split in two.

Life with kids and dogs is never dull, that’s for sure.  You have to be tough if you’re going to take all this on, every single day, knowing that the exact same things will be waiting for you tomorrow along with all the disapproving looks from those in your life who have no clue.

Ok, so now that I’ve gotten all that whining out, it’s time for me to get tough again.

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