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Trail Worthy Snacks For Your Dog

If you hike, you are accustomed to carrying snacks for yourself.  You’re burning calories.  So is your dog.  So what do you bring as a snack for him/her?  Along with poop bags, collapsible bowls and water, I also make my dogs carry their own food and snacks.  While there are some protein bars on the market for canine hikers, I have yet to try any of these.  If we are going to be out all day, I will normally pack a ziplock bag of various treats (peanut butter crackers, granola bars, jerky, dog treats) for the dogs.  If you are long distance hiking, your dog will need to consume at least double the amount of calories per day than is normal for them.  Even shorter hikes may require a stop for a meal or a snack, so you want to be prepared.

While at the last BlogPaws conference I was very pleased to get a few moments with the folks at Evanger’s.  This is a company that has been around for a long time (since 1935) and one that I was used to seeing at dog shows back in the day and hearing about from other dog people.  The founder was a dog lover, breeding and showing Great Danes.  He was very innovative in that he believed in locally-sourced, quality ingredients, even back then.  The company still sources the majority of ingredients contained in their foods within an hour of their Chicago cannery.   And get this–they hand pack their products!

I’d been given a sample bag of their grain and gluten-free Chicken SuperFood formula and Beef SuperFood formula at Blogpaws.  I grabbed some and decided to take it on one of our hikes as a treat/mid-afternoon meal.  Chewy had no idea of the deliciousness he was carrying in his pack!

Even though it would appear to be a dry food (note the packaging says “semi-dried”), it is slightly more moist than traditional kibble.  As a result, I found I could compress it a little more in the pack.  This may or may not matter to you, but any wiggle room I can get in a pack is gold to me.  Malleable things are awesome.  The first five ingredients of the chicken formula are chicken, chicken heart, liver, sweet potato and chia seeds.  The beef:  beef, beef heart, beef tripe, liver, kale.  As a raw feeder, I am used to feeding organ meats and was glad to see them represented in this product.   I’m not a raw feeding nazi (if you frequent raw feeding groups online you know what I mean), so carrying things that are not raw for the dogs does happen from time to time.

Close up of Hi Bio Beef.

As my husband will jokingly tell you, I smell everything.  As a human smelling canine goodies I realize that my opinion is going to be somewhat lackluster where the canines are concerned, but I thought it smelled very good.  Not overpowering at all, and unlike kibble it didn’t leave a greasy or crunchy powder all over my hands as I reached in and grabbed a handful.

“Yum! So good I’ll eat it off of a rock!”

Chewy liked it a lot and I observed no gastric upset, which is always a plus.  He had a healthy, nourishing treat to sustain him the rest of our hike and we didn’t have to deal with runny poos or a pup with a tummy ache.  I’m going to add this one to our list of dog treats that we take with us regularly.   I was very happy with the nutritional content and the obvious care that the Evanger’s company takes in both packaging and selecting ingredients.

After that yummy and filling snack, Chewy was ready to tackle the rest of the trail!

In addition to the above mentioned varieties, the company also offers Nothing But Natural, Super Premium, Grain Free Game Meats, Classic Dinners, Dry Food, Grain Free Hand Packed, Organics and a Signature Series.  I’ve not seen their products in large pet superstores, but rather feed stores or specialty stores and dog shows.  They have a handy dandy Store Locator so that you can find the store nearest you that carries this line.  You can also order online!  By following the links below, you can have Evanger’s delivered right to your door and help us keep our blog running!  Thank you in advance for your support!

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