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Tuesday Tails

This past weekend I finally got around to putting up some lattice.  Cairo had gotten way too comfy with sailing through the screens (torn up by our Cresteds years before) and Siren was following her.   The lattice seemed a decent fix that could be removed when needed.  It’s actually stronger than I expected it would  be.

Confused pups.

“What the hell is this crap?!”

So far Cairo has not destroyed it.  There have been folks placing bets, though.  My husband just pleads with me to find Cairo a new home, citing that she has cost us far more than any of the dogs we can actually show, both financially and emotionally.  Usually I place the dogs that are not suitable for our breeding program, but Cairo has grown on me.

We also got our tree up.  It’s not decorated yet, but it’s up!  How did the pups react to the tree?  Check out our Vine channel to find out!

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