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Vlogs–We’re Giving Them A Try

In the spirit of doing new things and getting out of your comfort zone, I’ve decided to give vlogging a try.  What are vlogs?  Vlog is short for video log.  Basically it’s blogging in video form.  I’ve been a bit burned out on blogging and have been saying for a while that I’m going to do more video.  Our youtube channel has been sparsely used in the last few years, so it’s time to shake things up a little over there.  So here we go–this is me jumping into vlogging!  My first video was the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge.  What is that, you ask?  Check out our first vlog on the subject:

If you like the vlog(s), please like, subscribe and share.  As I’ve been on this wellness journey for a while now, I’ve not seen many women my age documenting their struggles and successes.  I know I personally have searched both youtube and the internet in general for answers to certain questions relating to food, fitness motivation, you name it.  I am sharing my journey both to document it for myself and to hopefully help someone who may be thinking of embarking on a similar body transformation journey.  It’s hard to know where to begin sometimes, and you may feel alone in your efforts.  You’re never truly alone!  If you are wanting to change your life, come along as I muddle my way through losing weight, eating clean and working my way to a better body.  Let’s do it together!

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Have you ever done the 30 day no sugar challenge?  If not, do you think you ever would?

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