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We’re Going Tiny!

What Is Tiny Living?

You may have noticed the current trend toward minimalism.  Individuals and even families are ditching big houses and possessions in favor of living tiny, with fewer things making room for more experiences.  I must admit, I am a fan.  I am at the stage in my life where I am tired of having so much stuff.  I’ve been working steadily over the past few years trying to reduce the amount of things in the house, as we have been feeling quite crowded by them.

While we aren’t quite ready to sell the house, we are taking our own steps toward a simpler existence.  You may have heard us talk about our plans to hit the road this summer in an earlier post.  Well, we’ve taken a large step toward making that happen with the purchase of our own tiny teardrop camper!  What’s a teardrop camper, you ask?  A teardrop camper is just that–a camper shaped like a teardrop.  They became really popular in the 40s after World War II.  The war had boosted the economy and Americans were hitting the road with their families.  The cars of the time didn’t have a lot of towing capacity, hence the popularity of the smaller, lighter trailers.

Old teardrop trailer. I do not own the copyright to this photo.

These days the tiny living movement has really gained a lot of ground, with more and more people feeling the need to minimize.  You may be familiar with several tv shows on the subject. The teardrop trailer has really been enjoying a resurgence, and we didn’t have to look very far to find all sorts of inspiration.  Pinterest is packed with tiny camper trailers, instructions on how to build your own and ideas on how to decorate them.  An internet search will bring up everything from the simple to the quite luxurious tiny camper trailer.

Image from hubpages.com

What We Looked For In A Tiny Trailer

My main motivation behind searching for a tiny trailer of my own–other than the fact that I need a vacation like nobody’s business–was weight.  I would not be able to tow a large trailer with my Jeep.  My second motivation was price.  I also didn’t have a suitable place to store a larger camper.    As I searched through local for sale ads one day, I came across an ad for Tiny Camper Company in Clermont, Florida.  Their shop is about an hour and a half from me. I called them, made an appointment, and went for a visit.

I was quite impressed with their trailers, and the reviews on their site were favorable.  I was also pleased to see that the company participates in community outreach programs, each month choosing a different charitable organization with which to work.  The owner met with me personally, and took time to answer all my questions and offer suggestions on options we might need or not need.

Photo copyright Tiny Camper Company

I was first interested in their galley model (see above), but when I told the owner my plans he suggested that we might want to forgo the galley, as it takes away a few feet from the sleeping quarters.  I’m traveling with kids so I’ll need the room.  I already had ample camp cooking stoves and such, so honestly, the space was more important to me.  I have an Evo Trail Table (look for a review on this product) on which to cook, and most campgrounds have picnic tables, so the galley–though charming–wasn’t for us.   How cute is it, though?

The campers are made right here in Central Florida, and quite a few upgrades are available.  Shelving, ac, heat, racks, even a tv can be installed!  I enjoyed my visit to Tiny Camper Company and am super excited to pick up our trailer when it’s done.  They do all their builds to order, and ours is scheduled to be ready just in time for our big summer road trip!

Are you a tiny living enthusiast?  We’d love to see your tiny campers and camp setups!

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