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Who’s The New Kid?

New Kid

If you follow our Instagram account, you may have noticed a new face appearing in our feed about a month ago.  Little Remi  (a Cane Corso, the same breed as Rama and Sassy) has been such a joy to have here.  She very much reminds me of Rama when she was a puppy.  Easygoing, sweet and oh-so-smart.  It was not my intention to continue to show dogs, but when a puppy comes along that embodies everything you ever dreamed of in a pup, it’s really hard to say no.  And as Rama and Sassy get older (they just turned 6 and 5 respectively), it makes sense to bring in a younger dog.

Seriously, look at this face:

Remi, 10 weeks.

I mean, hello?  How the hell could I say no to that?  That’s a lot of cute right there.

She came home to us right before I went in for another breast reconstruction surgery.  You can read more about that here.  I am two and a half weeks post-surgery at this point, and still cannot use my arms to do many things.  Mainly pushing, pulling, lifting.  This means no walking the dogs on lead, no hiking.  Wahhhhh.   I cannot even put myself into a position to where I would instinctively reach out and grab a collar.  The formation of new capsules around the implants (I had an implant swap and some pretty significant revisions) take approximately 2-3 months to fully form.  We don’t want anything impeding that.  It’s very important that the capsules form correctly.  It’s been rough.  Not so much pain-wise as emotionally.  I’m not a particularly good patient in that I don’t like asking for help, and I am used to doing so many things myself.  I am the main caretaker for the dogs and kids here and I’m so active in my daily life that to stop everything and just heal is quite difficult for me.

Not the most ideal time to bring home a puppy, but thank goodness my family has been here to help, and the older dogs know the routine.  The kids are old enough and dog savvy enough to do a lot around here and my husband has been working from home in order to help.  Remi is so smart and began following the older dogs immediately.  She has been doing wonderfully in the area of housebreaking (she has been alerting to go out since I brought her home), and has picked up on the household rules and schedules quickly.  When a breeder lays the groundwork for training a pup, it’s a godsend.  It makes a world of difference.

Keeping Mom Company

Remi hanging out under Mom’s hammock.

Not being able to go hiking has been really hard.  It is literally my most favorite form of therapy.  I have been cleared to walk (flat surface only and no trail hiking) and drive (no off-roading), but I haven’t been able to drive the Jeep yet because it is lifted and I cannot pull myself up inside.  It’s also a bit more challenging to drive than our other vehicle, which is a smaller car.  When you have surgery on this area of your body, it really makes you realize how many things in your day-to-day life involve your chest muscles.  It’s crazy.

Sitting outside on Mama’s feet, keeping her company.

So to get my outdoor fix and some much-needed vitamin D, I go out back and sit with the dogs.  I’ve been spending a bit more one-on-one time with Remi because she is young and needs a bit more attention than the others at this stage in her development.  The weather here has been so nice.  This is the best time of year for outdoor activities here in Florida, and it’s killing me to be down at this point.  So I go out and sit, feel the sun, enjoy the cool breezes (we aren’t far from the beach) and watch the puppy play.  I’m trying to connect with the outdoors as much as I can.  Sometimes I am out there for hours.  I just have to be careful about sweating.  I previously developed complications due to sweat getting in my incisions so I have to head inside if it gets too warm.  The weather has been nice and thankfully has allowed me to spend more time outside as opposed to other times of the year here.  This is one of the reasons I picked this time of year to have this surgery.

Stinky Is Good

We’ve had a bag of chew hooves here for a while, so since Remi is needing to chew a lot, she’s been enjoying them outside.  I don’t allow the dogs to have them inside because they quite frankly smell like shit.  Awful.  So they get them in the dog yard and outside runs only.   Mom’s been doling them out a lot lately due to some serious Mom guilt over being stuck at home.  They’re not complaining.

This chew sesh interrupted by a cat on the fence.

You may have seen our social media posts about these stinky delights, starring Miss Remi:

Rama is a good puppy sitter and has been showing Remi the ropes.  She is a patient dog and very gentle with the little ones.

A video posted by Walks With Rama (@walkswithrama) on Dec 10, 2016 at 8:18am PST

We hope you will follow along with us as Remi grows, begins her show career and learns to be a hiking buddy.  We’ve got some exciting trips planned for this year and can’t wait to take her along!  Did you recently bring home a new puppy?  We’d love to hear about your new addition!

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