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Why Evanger’s Is A Pet Food Brand We Are Looking At

We’re kicking off our 2016 product reviews with a brand that we tried in 2015, Evangers.  Their Hi-Bio Chicken Superfood made an excellent trail snack for maintenance of our dogs on the trail.  If you missed it, here’s our review.   This is a brand I’ve known of for some time, as it has been well known on the dog show circuit for 80 years.  When I discovered that they pack their food by hand (yes, you read that right) and that it is still manufactured on the original site of founder Dr. Fred Evanger’s kennels, I knew it was time to revisit this time-honored brand.

The 2015 Editor’s Choice Winner (Pet Product News International) for 2014 and 2015, Evanger’s is a family-owned, green-minded company that offers dog, cat and small animal foods.  Sierra Club Magazine recognized them as one of the most eco-conscious pet food companies today.  90% of their ingredients are locally sourced (within 50 miles) and they offer a formula to please everyone.  Non-GMO, organic, locally-sourced and scientifically balanced formulas for optimum nutrition and maintenance are right up our alley, and we know many of our readers are interested in these things as well.

Since our last review, we received some different and exciting canned formulas to try.  We will be reviewing their Hand-Packed, Classic and Signature formulas, both kibble and canned, Super Premium and grain-free.  This will be a somewhat lengthier review, as I want to see how the dogs do on it for an extended period of time.  I will be using the product on more than one dog, so that we can see results on dogs of varying preferences and needs.  Stay tuned!

New Product Tester Clara is anxious to get started!

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