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Wordless–Er, Wordy Wednesday

Waiting for our ultrasound appointment

Today’s post will have a few words.  Ok, well, maybe more than a few.  We did not post yesterday because we were up and gone very early as we had to travel to our reproductive vet to have Rama’s ultrasound (to confirm pregnancy) done.

My parents live nearby so I dropped off the kids on my way to the clinic (you parents will understand!) and arrived about 20 minutes early for our appointment.  We waited with an adorable 13 week old Vizsla, an English Bulldog and a lady with a basket full of teensy French Bulldog pups.

Rama is such a good girl.  She was unfazed by the Vizsla wanting to play and smell all over her.  She sat quietly until they called us back.  The techs placed her up on the table with no problem and once she figured out there would be someone to stroke her head and talk sweetly to her, she sprawled out like she lived there.

Unfortunately there were no puppies to be seen.  By this point after the first breeding we should definitely be able to see something.  Well, poop.  She will not come into heat again until 2015.  Next time I may just go with a surgical.


Everyone’s tone was very apologetic and Rama just looked up at me with a wide smile, having no clue why everyone was so sullen.  Can’t say that I blame her for looking so happy.

“I won’t get fat and have big boobs dragging the floor and a bunch of noisy kids hanging off me all the time?  Score!  Why do you people look so sad?”

Afterward we went back to my parents’ house to pick up the kids and visit for a bit.  Pawpaw always gives out treats.  Rama settled herself in front of him, waiting for some goodies.  When she moved over to me for some attention, she still eyeballed Dad as he ate his chicken sandwich.  He has been known to be one of those naughty folks that feeds dogs from his plate.  Gah!

“You share wif me, Pawpaw?”

Pawpaw knows Rama loves bread.

Seidye (my parents’ dog) was very unimpressed with the fact that we were there.

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon and I began tying up all the loose ends before our weekend trip to New Orleans.  Bella is going to her new home and we will be meeting her family there (they are coming from Texas) and enjoying a few days away from home both kid and dog-free.

Wait–what?  No kids?  No dogs?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCdXNbdHsYc]

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