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Workout Wednesday

Blogpaws is celebrating Get Fit With Your Pet Month, and this is a subject with which we have become intimately acquainted.  It’s winter in Florida, which means more enjoyable hikes due to a break in the stifling heat that we normally have here in the Sunshine State.  After tackling Springer Mountain a few months ago, I realized how far in my fitness journey I had yet to go.

The dogs have also been fairly sedentary lately, with only urban hikes to our credit in the past few months, and we are preparing for some upcoming trips into the woods very soon.  The dogs must be conditioned for longer distances.  After missing a week at the gym due to some doctor appointments, two vet visits and a broken windshield on my new Jeep, I hit it again yesterday feeling pretty meh.  I had a horrible headache and hadn’t slept well the night before.  I really didn’t want to be there.  I complained more than I usually do (I’m a whiny bitch at the gym, I’m not about to lie), but I got through it.  This will not be the year of failure.  I look at it this way–every second I spend in the gym is chipping away at the parts of my body that need to be improved upon.  Every time I show up it’s a victory.

Incline push ups.  

What are your fitness goals for this year?  Will you be working out with your dog?  Share your exercise plan with us!

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