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Yoga, Food & The Open Road

What the heck, you say, do these three things have in common?  Well, they are things that have been on my mind recently, as well as topics that offer a sneak peek into future content here on the blog.  Things have been rather busy behind the scenes here as of late, but I realize things have been a little quiet on the blog front.  We hope this post will get everyone up to speed.

My Workout Journey Update

This is where the yoga fits in.  In my quest to have more wellness and balance in my life, yoga is a natural next step.  I finally worked it back into my workout regimen after talking about it for about a year.  I used to do it fairly regularly, then I did what a lot of us do when we start something new.  I let myself believe other things in my life were more pressing than my health, and I stopped going.  It’s hard to find against guilt when you are used to doing everything for everyone and then you take time out to do something for you.  It’s just the nature of being a mom; we feel guilty sometimes if we aren’t spending 24/7 on our homes, our kids, our spouses.  And as any of us who have been mothers for any length of time can attest, that’s the quickest way to burnout.

Yoga can only help me (my back has never been right after the last child) and I could seriously use the zen in my life.  I am also hoping it will be just the switch up I need to get me out of the rut I seem to be in.  My trainer moved on to new endeavors a few months ago and I had decided to continue working out at a gym closer to me, rather than continue paying the membership fee where my trainer had been.  I won’t lie, I was a bit concerned at the thought of being on my own once again, but I have all the workout plans he wrote for me, plus I am following some awesome trainers online.  I think I will be alright until such time as I decide to start looking for another trainer.  It doesn’t seem I’ve lost any ground, so that’s good.  I am at my lowest weight in 7 years.  I still, however, have a long way to go.  I seem to be stuck and need to push through so that I start seeing more changes.  I’m hoping getting back to yoga will add that extra little something to my workout regimen.

Yoga can be the switch up your workout routine needs.


I am also tackling my love/hate relationship with meal planning.  I don’t know about anyone else, but meal planning is one of those things that is difficult for me to just do.  Now keep in mind that I did meal prep for a bunch of dogs for many years, yet somehow there’s no time for me?  Yeah, that just doesn’t work anymore.  I know that moms automatically put their needs last, but kids deserve an example of a mom that takes care of herself and has healthy habits, right?  I am much more successful during the week with my eating if I plan my meals out.

Keep an eye on our Snapchat for some meal prep and clean eating tips.

Prepping chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and carrots for the week.

Just grab and go!

The Open Road

Summer is coming, and that means a good old fashioned road trip!  We are working on trying to figure out our summer destination(s) and the ins and outs of hitting the road with the fam.  We are testing some new gear, and will be sharing some of our favorites here as well as updating on our summer adventure plans.  It’s sure to be one for the books!

Have you started planning for your summer adventures yet?

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