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Adventuring isn't cheap.  It may seem that to go into the wilderness with only a pack on your back is the ultimate in inexpensive adventuring, but in fact the opposite is true.  The gear that you need to survive in the backcountry can be quite pricey.  And while there are certainly ways to get around some costs, others are unavoidable.

It is our hope that we can turn our love of the outdoors into a movement; to show others that sometimes the best way to connect with yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing, is to disconnect.  

While there is a definite upturn in the amount of female explorers and adventurers in the last several years, the rates of depression and other mental health issues are also on the rise in our society.  

Concurrently there is also the epidemic of dogs in shelters.  Dogs--just as nature--have been scientifically proven to help people be happier and healthier, so bringing the two together is at the heart of Walks With Rama's mission.

Camera gear, transportation costs, outdoor essentials and advanced training also come into play in our efforts to move forward with our campaign to bring dogs and people together in the great outdoors to both reduce the rates of depression and anxiety in people and to improve the lives of homeless dogs.

For now, it is just a dream, but with your help we can make it a reality.  

Through this blog, our YouTube and other social media channels we will continue to provide content documenting our adventures, chronicling both the methods and gear we use and the challenges we face (both physically and mentally) along the way.  We hope to show that the outdoors is accessible to everyone, and with your support, improve both the quality and quantity of our content.

In 2020 we have set a goal to reach 100 YouTube subscribers (update:  goal reached!), and plan to launch our Patreon page.  Patreon is a platform where people can support their favorite content creators by providing donations to further their works.  We will provide special content for our patrons as well as other cool stuff so stay tuned for details on when that will launch!  We are excited about joining the Patreon community and moving closer to our vision!


We will continue to produce content accessible to everyone via our facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube channels.  You can help us reach our goals by subscribing to these channels and becoming part of the Walks With Rama family. Until our Patreon page is ready, you can make a donation by clicking the Donate button below.   

We couldn't do this without you, and we appreciate all the support and love.  Help us show the world that truly, unequivocally, a dog and a dirt trail can heal.  


We are now on Patreon!  

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